Presto Photo is free to download and install on your server. It is made for photographers, by photographers, to share photos with their clients. It's easy for you to use, but more importantly… it's easy for your clients to use.

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Last Updated 07/16/2011
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Install on your own server

Presto Photo is one of the only web apps out there that you install on your server for sharing with clients.

Automatic installation

Have a website but don't really know how to install things? Don't worry, Presto Photo will do it for you.

Automatically share album with client

Presto Photo makes it extremely easy to share albums with your clients with one click of a button.

Protect albums with "Secret Key"

Every album you create gets protected with a secret key. You have full control over this and pick who sees it.

Use a short URL

Use a short URL to send to links to clients. All you need to do is make the URL direct to your main domain.

HTML5 & CSS3 spec

Built using HTML5 and CSS3. All of the buttons, containers, and styles use CSS3 for fast load times.

Built using Ajax

The jQuery library is used for handling all Ajax. The only time your page get's reloaded is when you change it.

Allow clients to rate photos

Allowing clients to rate photos gives you the opportunity to see which photos they prefer, and which ones to edit.

Allow clients to comment on photos

Feedback is great! Maybe your client wants photos in black and white. Now they can let you know.

View album logs

Presto Photo logs everything that you and your clients do. No more "I didn't get it" or "he-said, she-said."

Sharing photos with clients has never been easier with Presto Photo